Nice timing

“You did what?!”  She screamed this in shock.  It was only shock and not anger only because she could not fathom what he just said.
“I just wanted to be honest with you.  To start out our life together with everything on the table.”  His response was much more calm than she cared for as she still tried to grasp what he had admitted to.

“So,” she started to repeat back his accounts in a slow, exaggerated manner as each word made her voice grow angerier.  “You, last night, the night before our wedding slept with the best man?!”  Her face frowning in confusion as she still can’t comprehend this from the man she thought she knew.
Before he could answer and confirm she continued, “And then!  AND THEN!”  Her arms thrusting out and upward enough to make him flinch backwards.  “You wait until now to tell me?!”  Her arm pointing straight out to his right, her left hand at the guests.  Her white gown was the focal point of the crowds awed expressions and now it makes her want to explode into a million pieces.  The bridal party unsure what to do, frozen in their place.  The Best Man trying not to make eye contact with anyone as his face was burning red.  The groomsman all stepping away from the ticking time bomb.
“Well!”  she started up again as the flame grew closer to the detonator.
“Since we’re participating in sharing time lets talk.  How was he?”  Both the groom and best man stared at her now with their own shocked expressions.
“Come on, tell us all if it was the night of your life or if it idn’t quite work out to what you had hoped.  Or is that why you actually showed up today?”  Not happy with the results?”  Boom, explosions.

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