What might have been

She was eager to hear more.  Her eyes were wide and she was leaning on the table as far forward as she could get.  She might have even been panting she was so turned on.  I told her that there were a few moments, if they had gone differently, maybe we would have gone further.  “At one point, I can’t remember when, he asked me to have a sword fight.  I had no idea what he was talking about so I asked him what he meant.”  “And?” she said, not letting me finish.  “Well, apparently a sword fight is when two guys slap their hard dicks against each other.  You know…swords.”  I almost rolled my eyes as I said this.  She started laughing.  A full on drop your head and can’t talk laugh.  After a moment of letting her regain her composure I continued.  “After hearing that I said no.  I’m not sure if…”  She interrupted “Wait…how do you win a sword fight?”  She couldn’t ask the question with a huge grin spread across her face.  “I actually have no idea.  Maybe the fact that you’re having one means you’ve both one?”  She giggled and smiled at me.  “Maybe, the person who wins is the person who gets the final stab to” she paused and cleared her throat “stick in the right spot.”  Her smile was beaming.  This was us.  This is what we did.  We didn’t need to fuck to get along, we would just talk about it.  I don’t know why it never lead to anything happening before, it just didn’t.  We were completely happy telling each other the different ways we had been and wanted to be fucked.  She was amazing like that.  A perfect listener.

She continued to smile and I lingered in it a bit.  She was so pretty.  Her pettite stature wrapped up with that gorgeous face.  I could have stared at her for hours.  I think, maybe, that is why I loved to talk to her so much.  To tell her such risque and honest, soul-bearing things about me, they kept her attention.  She wanted to hear them and swim through them so she would sit and stare at me and listen intently.  “Anyways,” I continued looking right back at her.  She had this ability to draw my eyes in.  I’ve always had issues keeping eye contact, but never with her.  I’ve always thought it was because my mind wanders and usually goes to very dirty places.  I thought that if they looked long enough into my eyes they could see what I’m thinking.  In high school my dad drove me to school most mornings and on the way we would stop and pick up the sister of one of my brother’s friends.  I would run out and knock at their door and she would usually come out.  One day her mother answered the door.  An older asian woman with a stern face and very blunt.  I don’t know why but she asked what I wanted.  She stared right through me.  I mumbled and hung my head.  I was thinking “I’m here to pick up your very sexy daughter who I would love to have wrapped around my cock.”  I shouldn’t have been thinking it right then, I wasn’t even thinking it until her mother came to the door.  I started wondering what the hell was wrong with me, right there on her door step.  Finally Trina came running out, kissed her mother on the cheek and said “Thanks mama” and ran into the car.  I spun around quickly and followed.  I’m sure she was just being a stereotypical asian mother but I still couldn’t look her in the eyes.

“Anyways,” I continued.  “I said no to the sword fight.  Although If I had said yes what would have happened?  How would that have gone?  We both would have had to have our cocks out, swinging them around, slapping at each other.”  She grinned as far as her face would let her.  I could tell she was picturing it.  “I doubt we would have been able to keep our pants up so we would have let them fall, or take them off.  Then my shirt, it would have been in the way as he said later so that would have come off.  Then I would have been naked with him, hitting my dick against his.  The possibilities there could have very easily let us to do something, however thats not the point I usually think about.”  I didn’t stop long enough for her to interject a question.  “It was when I was getting ready to jerk off.  When he asked about my shirt and taking it off.  I’ve wondered and fantasized if I had, instead of saying no so emphatically said “No, you take off yours” in a defensive type of way.  Replying in a kind of “I dont want to, if you want to so bad you do it” kind of sarcastic way I was known to do and kind of still am.  I could see it unfolding, me saying that and him catching it and using it.  “Fine, okay” he’d say.  “We’ll both do it” and before I could reply he would already start stripping his shirt off.  Me, without anything to do as his shirt was already off and his dark chest in complete view, sighed and slipped my shirt off.  I was topless now, my cock visible to him as he watched my hand wrap around it and start to pump.  I neglected to say earlier because it really didn’t matter at the time but it was another small detail that fed into my fantasy.  When I was jerking off the button on my pants was rattling.  It wasn’t extremely loud or anything but just a metallic rattle as my arm pumped back and forth.  As a person who loves to play with details I used this in my fantasy.  I was now naked from the waist up and my pants were undone with my cock pulled out as I was stroking.  The pants were rattling along until finally, I had wished, he told me to stop.  “That rattling is really annoying,” he would have said.  “Can you take your pants off too?  Here, I’ll take off mine too” he would try and make me comfortable by doing it as well since it worked so well with the shirt.  I froze as he stood up and let his pants fall to his ankles and kicked them behind him.  His boxers were the only thing that remained.  I sighed again, then groaned.  I stood up and let my pants slip down.  My briefs were the only thing left from me being naked.  I knelt back down and continued to stroke all the way to orgasm.  My cock sputtered and shot out and I moaned and leaned forward.  Then, the last moment of reality before another what-if moment would take me into new territory.  He asked me to do it again and I said no, I can’t.  He then would ask “let me try it then.”  I rationalized in my fantasy that I was exhausted at this point.  I was mentally drained from him asking and pushing so hard at every point.  I figured that it wouldn’t happen anyway and then he would just leave it be.  I told him “okay, fine” in a sterile voice.  He sounded shocked with this “really?”  I simply nodded and he moved over close to me.”  Rachel wasn’t talking, didnt even seem interested in saying a single thing.  She was up on her knees in the chair, leaning across the table at me.  I could see down her dress, her cleavage was wonderful.  I looked her in the eyes and continued.  “From this moment on its all what I fantasized.  He places one of his legs between mine as he knelt behind me.  He pressed his hips against my ass, one hand on my hip and held me back against him.  His right hand reached around and cupped my balls and I shivered.  His hand started to rub my cock up and down.  He would whip it back and forth, trying to get some blood pumping to it to get it erect again.  I didnt think there was any hope for it as it loosely flung back and forth until all of a sudden I felt it start to harden.  I thought to myself “oh god, what the hell?  It never gets hard this fast.”  He could feel it and he started pumping quickly.  His hand was smooth and he stroked my cock as he would his own, making it feel that much more sensual.  I felt his own hard member pressing against my ass through his boxers.  He groaned as his hand clenched my hip tighter, pulling me back to him while his other worked itself faster and faster.  I could feel his breathing on the back of my neck, he was becoming more and more aroused.  He wasnt asking anymore, he was taking.  He slowed his strokes and let go of my hip to pull his boxers down to his knees.  He then slipped his fingers in my briefs and pulled them down and pressed his chest against my back, his cock against my ass cheeks.  Moaning in my ear he told me to bend over and gave my cock a very powerful squeeze to show me he was in control.”  At this point she squeaked out a moan.  She was biting her lip and looking at me like I had never seen her look at me before.  “He pressed his free hand on my back and I bent over easily.  “On your elbows, head really far down, ass high” I obeyed.  I dont know why but I think the feeling would have overcome me and his strong voice made me weak.  I positioned myself for him and he reached over in his backpack that was nearby.  He took out some vaseline and rubbed his cock with it over and over again before sliding his thumb into my asshole.  I jumped, my eyes wide and grunting.  He told me to relax, tensing was going to make it hurt more.  I tried the best I could until his thumb slid out and around my tight hole.  He placed one hand on my hip and the other was holding his cock steady as he pressed it against my ass.  He said one more word “Relax” before pushing his cock into my ass.  He groaned out a deep and elongated “fuck” while both hands grabbed my hips and held me tight.  He slowly slid forward and I gritted my teeth.”  Rachel’s mouth dropped open, I dont even think she realized it.  “He pushed forward slowly until his dark hips were against my pale white ass cheeks.  Then he pulled back and slammed forward.  He started fucking me hard and fast.  He held my hips and used them to slam back into me over and over again, grunting and groaning the whole time.  Then, when I was really horny” I told her “I would imagine him reaching around and grabbing my cock with his deep in my ass.  He would start to jerk me off, quickly, telling me he wants me to cum with a cock deep in my ass.  He would stroke and pump until he could hear me whimpering.  I would tell him to stop.  Please.  I don’t want to cum.  But he would keep going until he felt it spasm and let loose all over the floor in front of me.  He would slap my ass and call me a good slut before going back to work at pounding my tight ass until he finished himself.  His pounding would get slower but more aggressive.  Each slap into my ass was hard until one final thrust followed by a deep growling groan.  I could feel him unloading himself in my ass.  Finally finished and pulling back.  Laying on the floor behind me as I left my ass in the air and could feel the cum dripping down my thigh.”  I stopped for a moment.  That was it.  Actually that was more than I had ever gotten to.  I would usually have cum by then while jerking off to that fantasy.  I had never told anyone that.  I had never told anyone that I had such an experience and never even dreamt of telling anyone I had turned it into a sexual fantasy.  It came so easily sharing it with her though.  I looked at her waiting for her to say something.  I could tell she enjoyed it but I wanted to know what she was thinking.  Instead she kicked her chair back and moved across the table and kissed me wildly.  Pushing herself onto my lap and thrusting her tongue into my mouth and holding my head in place so I couldn’t back away.


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