Little bit of ideas

Add to story idea of the kind of sexual deviancey with husband/wife – getting deeper into couple sharing, crazy sex stuff:

Husband gets confident, tries flirting with hot, young (18 to 21) girl at restaurant/coffee shop/etc.  She rejects him with disgust or confusion.

Husband and wife go to a couple sharing party a few times.  One time there is an eyes wide shut night.  Husband talks about how he never saw the movie but kind of gets the jist of it.  Weirdos in masks fucking.  This particular event, or “game” for part of the night that all genders stand opposite in a line, male female male female etc.  husband and wife stand together.  all people are told to turn to a direction (happens husband and wife turn away from each other) and take that person into another room and do what you will with them.  They are whisked away from each other.  Husband (story should be in husbands point of view, of course) goes with a woman and it turns out to be the girl who rejected him at the restuarant/coffee shop/etc.  She angrily tells him as she strips her clothes off that he is never to speak a word of this.  he isnt to treat her any differently other than a barista/waitress/etc.  he isnt to talk to her, acknowledge that he has ever had any conversation with her outside of placing his order.  the entire time she is stripping, ripping at his clothes, etc.  When she’s finished with her rant she tells him to hate fuck her, or shes going to or something like that.  then they have hard, rough, angry sex.



Other idea, a woman has sex with a man not her husband at work.  They carry on for a while, etc.  She eventually stops because he turns out to be an ass/whatever.  He corners her, fondles her, tells her he just wants to fuck her.  She tells him no but he continues, shes too shy to tell him to stop and he strips down her bottoms (or up her skirt) and fucks her then tells her to let him in tonight when her husband is home (husband knew, likes the idea of her fucking this guy, but was supportive when she wanted to stop).  The coworker shows up, husband doesnt know and is awkward/confused.  Guy sits down, tells the man’s wife to sit next to him (coworker)  he then asks for a drink and tells her to get it, she does (have to develop why she is so obedient…threatened to spread rumor of her whoring at work?) he then has an awkward conversation with the two of them, loving it.  Reaches over and whispers in her ear for her to do what he wants, then tells her to laugh and spread her legs.  She does, somewhat convincingly.  He then lets his hand run down her chest, cupping her breasts, whispering for her to turn to him and kiss him with her husband on the other couch watching them, (what is he doing?   does guy know he likes it?)  the coworkers hand runs down between her legs into her panties, he tells her to moan loudly, say the work “fuck” and enjoy it then back to kising him.  tell him ‘more, fuck please more between kisses’.  The coworker stands up and looks at the husband “excuse us, we’ll be back in a little bit” he takes the wife by the hand and leads her to the bedroom, closes and locks the door and then tells her they are going to fuck, but only get to see from the husbands point of view, outside th door on the couch.  He just hears him tell her to strip her  clothes off then nothing, silence until he tells her what great fucking tits she has and a nice cunt.  he tells her to bend ove on her hands and knees and let him take a look at her ass, spread her cheeks.  he groans loudly, says he cantw ait to feel his cock in that tight hole.  then silence again until she starts moaning, loudly, lewdly.  she talks dirty, he talks dirty, she moans and groans, he does, gets really really dirty, they both cum.  he comes out, zipping up his pants.  Not sure if he should just leave, giving a smirk to the husband or sit down and make things more akwaward as she comes out and sits with coworker again.  or if the awkwardness should be him leaving and them together “what the hell just happened” kind of thing or what.


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