It started with a bang

“Hurry,” he said but calmed his voice before he said it.  He didn’t want to sound too desperate or pushy as either would mean this wasn’t going to happen, however he wanted to get past the point of her reconsidering.  Once her panties were off and his hands were on her hips there was a pretty good chance things were going to proceed.  “I want to make sure we both have a good time” he finished.  He watched her slip her panties down her legs.  She pulled one leg out and then stepped the other out and stood up straight still clutching them in her hand.

She could have just pushed them past her hips and let them fall to the ground but as long as her fingers were grasping the small undergarment she still felt like she might be able to stop, not that she wanted to.  The feeling was exhilarating and she hated it.  She has always been so boring.  A good girl.  The current circumstances made her heart race and her body become flush with excitement and she didn’t know how to handle it.  “Now, don’t look.”  She was self-conscious of her body.  It didn’t look the way she wanted.  Not that she wanted to look like a swimsuit model, but smoothed out about twenty-five pounds would be nice.  “Don’t look?”  He thought it was an odd request considering their circumstance.  “Yeah, just don’t stare at me.”  He nodded.  He knew not to press.  “Sure, now come here.”  She was blushing and wondered if he could tell.  He could and he wanted to get started in hopes she would relax.

He reached below the chair and pulled the lever to drop it to its lowest point.  She shimmied over to him with her hand still clutching her panties as she also tugged down on her shirt.  He paused before reaching his hands out to grab her hips and pull her onto him.  He looked up at her and caught her eyes, “Are you okay, like, for this?”  He tried to sound as sincere as possible.  Although the intent would not change he wanted to seem kind and friendly.  He was good at what he did well, however few things those were; flirting, female oral satisfaction and ranting about random political happenings.  He wanted to make a woman feel comfortable and he could tell she wasn’t.  That’s why he was so good.  If getting a woman to want to fuck you was a sport he’d be in the top tier.  His reputation around the building was widely known by anyone who had worked there any length of time.  She even had an idea of it with her still being in her third month.  The way he watched other girls, especially the new ones.  How he always made himself so interested in what they were saying and offering short responses to get them to talk more.  The other women flocked to him and how he basked in their attention.  She thought there was more than him just being nice but for one of the rare times in her life she let that suspicion go and let her guard down.  She wanted to let it down.  She liked his attention.  How his eyes never wavered when they were talking.  How engaged he would become in whatever the topic was.  She wanted someone she found very attractive to be interested in her and he seemed it.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine” she responded with a smile.  Reaching his hands out he grabbed her hips and pulled her close to him.  His legs were spread and his pants were on the floor behind them.  With a quick peek down she saw how erect he was, It was straight up, waiting for her.  She moaned as she felt his lips press against her back.  He had her.  He knew his hard work would finally culminate in his prize; sweet ejaculatory satisfaction.  When he had first laid eyes on her and decided to give her a try he wasn’t sure if it would work.  That was one of the ways that made him so good at what he did, he didn’t care if he was successful in every attempt.  The plan would be laid out, tried and true.  Show interest.  Gauge her possibility.  Let something overtly sexual fall casually into a conversation, then pounce when you see her think about it.

What really won her over, according to his own cocky thoughts, was a moment early on when they had been talking during their coffee break and the topics slowly grew more risque.  She enjoyed being around other people, having been a housewife for the past few years.  The conversations were fulfilling.  Her co-worker, and slightly superior, but hated when anyone said it, was talking about how her husband wouldn’t stop trying to have sex with her this weekend.  “Finally I told him to get the hell off of me, I’m on my period.”  The two other women laughed, along with Michael.  “It got him to roll over to the other side of the bed and just let me go to sleep.”  She laughed again, joined by the others.  Holly spoke up, feeling safe in this small crowd “Vin would never do it.  I did ask him if he would once.”  The eyes widened of the listeners, not thinking Holly would say such a thing, but she quickly added “just to see what he would say.  He adamantly said he would never so…yeah.”  Michael spoke up after a few moments of silence “I’ve done it.  What’s the difference, its not like you’re gushing or anything.”  There were two faces of shock and almost disgust, one of intrigue.  He continued “Christine, when she wants it she wants it.  She doesn’t let something like her menstrual cycle get in the way of a good fuck.  Although she’s very free and open with things like that.  She’ll have me fuck her until she can’t move then leave her on the living room floor in a pool of her own juices.”  “MICHAEL!”  The others shouted.  He laughed, catching a glimpse of Holly’s face before she realized he was looking and turned around.

He that little moment tucked in the back of his pocket.  He planted his seed and waited to pick it when it was ripe.  This morning he had already been at work when she walked in.  He smiled at her and she gave a nod and a smile and went onto her desk.  Something didn’t seem right so he gave her a few minutes before going over to trade some hellos before the others arrived.

“Hey Holly, how are things this morning?”  He leaned against her desk while sipping his coffee.  “Oh well, bleh.  You know, not feeling all that up if you know what I mean.  It’ll pass in a few days.”  She smiled downward into her lunch bag, rummaging for anything that needed to be refrigerated.  Michael stood up, he heard the others coming down the hall so he said lightly under his breath “maybe we’ll just have to fuck then if you’re really interested in seeing if a guy will do it.”  Holly’s head shot up and he was already turned and walking away.  He wanted the comment to run wild through her head before she was able to talk to him again.  She watched him walk away and wondered if she had heard it properly.  “Did he just ask me if I wanted to fuck him?”  She had to change gears rather quickly as the others had arrived at their desks and were talking about their ho-hum evenings.  She smiled as they each greeted each other, trying not to look too obvious when she stole a look in his direction.

It was nearing lunchtime and Holly still hadn’t spoke to him.  Michael had been across the office working in his own area and oddly hadn’t come over to prattle on about something he read online last night.  Did he say that?  If he did was he serious?  Why would he say that?  Yes, Christine and he have had their problems but would he really be interested in her?  All of the girls that he talks with why would he choose her?  This is how her mind worked.  Over and over again she would cycle these questions through.  If she thought she had answered one she would create another from that and somehow end back up at the first as if she hadn’t convinced herself.  She might have sat there through lunch if she hadn’t been startled by Michael sitting at her desk again.

“Hey” he said.  She mumbled out something between hi and hello.  “I haven’t seen you at all today” he looked directly into her eyes as he spoke and she tried to shy her look back towards her computer.  “Oh yeah well I’ve been busy and” she turned towards him as she finally had something purposeful to say “I can say the same for you.”  She smiled, thinking it was a witty volley back to him.  Playful banter to see how he would approach it.  The ball came swiftly back to him and he slammed it hard back towards her.  “Well with what I left you with this morning I thought you would have ran over to me to figure out why I said that” simply letting a smile and direct eye contact say the rest.  She looked at him with a stunned expression and he took that as time to go with a parting shot.  “We’ll talk later, at the end of the day when everyone’s gone.”  Again he stood up and walked away with her mind wandering furiously again.

The day seemed to go on forever.  Holly couldn’t concentrate on work.  She would start looking through papers or clicking through files but her mind would brush it all away as if it were a strong gust of wind.  Every time she heard him talking she stopped what she was doing and listened intently, she didn’t even know why.  As the day waned people started to empty out of the building and her head swiveled from his direction to the clock wondering if he would actually come over or duck out early.  It never occurred to her to leave before he could come see her.  The thought never entered her mind to consider.  She never fully answered herself, one of the many questions that was going through her mind today, did she actually want him to fuck her?

The office was finally empty now, it was just the two of them.  She heard his footsteps and peeked her head up over her cubicle and saw him walking her way.  His smile was friendly, not the creepy leer of a man who had told a girl at random he wanted to have sex with her.  He opened his mouth to talk but she interrupted before he could begin.  She didn’t even really know what to say but she wasn’t sure she wanted to hear what he was going to.  “I, um, about this morning.”  He dove right in, “Look Holly” his smile continued to comfort her.  “Don’t worry about what I said if its making you nervous.  I remembered a conversation you had at lunch one day and I thought I would put it out there.  You’ve always been so cute and sweet and playfully flirtatious I thought we could have a lot of fun together.”  She stared at him while he talked.  Her eyes looked into his even when he looked around the room and not at her.  His compliment made her blush but she couldn’t turn away.  She gave in and just needed the right thing to be said so she could commit.  “So,” he continued “if you want to try something I’d love to go for a ride with you.”  His smile turned into a playful, dirty grin.  She didn’t notice.  All she noticed was an in to say yes, in a way.  “How would we even…” she trailed off.  Michael’s voice leaped at her partial question.  “Go in the bathroom, take out your tampon and come back.  Hurry.”  He stuck his hand out and helped her up out of her chair, giving her a slap on the ass as she turned out of her cubicle and towards the bathroom.

At this point she wasn’t thinking anymore.  She was going to do this.  She had a rush of adrenaline and was in the moment.  Each step was all she could do.  There was no second guessing, no questions, no nervousness.  There was only one step in front of the other.  Reach your hand out and open the door.  Close the door.  Lock the door.  Take down your pants and panties.  Throw the tampon away.  Wipe.  Thank god, no blood.  Pull them up and go back to your desk.  She could see his legs sticking out from her cubicle.  He stood up and she smiled at him.  The rush was pumping her heart so fast she almost felt as if she were running down the hall.  Michael looked at her and gave an inquisitive nod, she nodded back grinning like an idiot the whole time.  He sat back in her chair and smiled up to her.  “Go ahead then, strip for me.”  He put his hands behind his head and leaned backwards as if to watch a show.  “No way!  I’m not getting completely naked.  What if someone walks in?  I’d never have enough time to get my clothes back on.”  She half laughed and half talked as she looked at him.  She was still cautious in her wildness.  “Okay then you just take off your panties and come here, we’ll see how it works like this the first time.”  He wanted her to know he would like to do this again, over and over.  She caught it as well and paused for a moment as his head dipped down and unzipped his pants.  His hands slipped into his boxers and he lifted his hips up to shove his bottoms down.  She diverted her eyes for some reason as if she weren’t supposed to look.  He looked up at her and saw the nervousness creeping into her face.  “Hurry” he said “I want to make sure we both have a good time.”


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