On with the show

There wasn’t a lot of time for them to complete their trist, not that Michael needed very much.  To his dismay it had been a while since he had last had sex.  Even with some manual love he was starting to worry about how long he would be able to hold back and they had just began.  Holly was on his lap with her back to him while his hands were on her hips.  She had only been there for half of a minute before that dreaded feeling set in.  “Fuck” he muttered under his breath, although this wasn’t a lustful term in this instance but more of a god-damnit-no. 

Holly thought Michael was really getting into it.  She heard him mutter something dirty and felt his hands clench tightly onto her hips.  He shimmied up from his slouch to be more upright and grunted in her ear.  She drifted her hand between her legs quietly, hoping he didnt notice as she began to rub her clit slowly.  She never orgasmed easily and most of the time it took some encouragement from her own playbook to push things over the edge.  The feeling was off in the distance but she could feel it coming so she leaned back against him and closed her eyes and let out a moan.

Holly’s body moving back against his chest tweaked his position inside of her slightly.  The sensitivity of her moving shot through him and whether he wanted it or not his body gave up.  The low groan into her ear had a defeated sound to it.  Michael couldn’t enjoy it as much as he wanted to because he was thinking of how she was going to react after all of the build up.  Holly felt his hands squeeze her hips even tighter and suddenly the feeling wasn’t the same.  Her own pleasure level was dropping quickly only being slowed by her own persistence.  Michael wanted to wait as long as possible before he told her he was done.  He was hoping she was near and would finish at any moment.  He wasn’t so lucky.

Holly turned her head back towards him “Is everything okay?  Did you…?”  Her question trailed off hoping she didn’t have to say the actual word.  Michael sighed “Uh, yes.”  He dropped his head and shot into an apology and excuse.  “I didn’t want to I just couldn’t stop it.  Its been forever since I’ve actually had sex and I don’t really jerk off regularly and you were so tight it was too much.  I promise next time will be better.”  Holly had a few things to process that were just said.  First of all, next time?  Was he persuming this would be a regular thing or just a slip of the tongue.  Then, tight?  Is that good she wondered.  She figured it was better than loose but too tight seems like, well, she didnt know.  It just didn’t seem good to be too tight.

“Oh no no, dont worry.  I don’t know what I was expecting really.”  She tried to play it off even thought she was kind of disappointed.  She was telling the truth, she didn’t know what she was expecting but she didn’t expect this.  She thought she would orgasm for sure, just not sure how intensely.  Not this feeling of stunted pleasure.  Close but no cigar.

“No, don’t worry” Michael spoke up.  He wasn’t sure if she was truly disappointed and just being nice or what was going through her mind but he if wanted to continue this trist he had to fix it right now, if it needed to be fixed.  “Trust me, next time its all you.  I’ll make sure you get to cum first and you’ll be very pleased.”  He was very confident in this.  He knew how good he was with his tongue and it took Holly a couple of seconds before she realized what he meant as she was taken back by the abruptness of the words he chooses to use sometimes.  She finally realized she was still sitting on his lap with something of his inside something of hers and she bounced up and apologized.

“Oh goodness sorry.  I forgot where I was for a moment.”  Michael laughed and smiled at her as he grabbed his pants and put them on.  “No need to apologize.  I’d have you there all day if we could arrange it.”  He smiled his big genuine smile at her for comfort.  She smiled back and grabbed the clothes she discarded and clumsily put them back on.  After both were dressed Michael grabbed his bag and started to walk away when Holly instinctly said “oh you’re leaving?”  He stopped and turned around and looked at her kind of confused.  “Yeah, why?”  “Oh I don’t know.  I’m not sure why I even asked.”  She smiled and he smiled back.  He gave her a wave and started walking down the hall and called out that he’d see her tomorrow.  She wasn’t sure how to take that.  Was it meant that she was just a quick lay and he was done with her or what?  Is she thinking too much of things again like she always does?  She was lost in thought for a moment when she looked up at the clock and saw that it was almost 5pm and the cleaners would be in soon.  She gathered her things and quickly slipped out of the office.  Now what, she thought from behind the wheel of her car.  Do we do it again tomorrow?  Is this a daily thing now or what?  “I’ve got to just find something to distract myself.”  She said to herself when she realized that she should hurry up and go put a tampon back in before she has a mess to clean up.


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