I just discovered what findom was and…wow.


Findom/findomme is short for Financial Domination.  I don’t know if there is an official definition of it anywhere online but the gist that I can gather is that men pay women to berate, degrade, humiliate and insult them.  They pay for it.

There is something called a tribute that is to be given before the findom goddess will even talk to someone.  This tribute is to show you mean business.  I believe its something like $50-$100 dollars in a non-cancelable gift such as gift cards or direct deposits.  You show the goddess that you mean business and they will talk with you and feel you out.  If they think you aren’t a time waster you will receive their wrath.  Beyond that I’m not sure how it works but I am utterly fascinated by it.

The goddesses demean the men in every way possible.  They do not refer to them by name but instead call them #paypigs.  They require that their paypigs make retweet accounts to praise their goddess to the twitterverse to recruit more paypigs for their goddess.  The goddess goes to lunch or dinner and tweets her receipt and asks which paypig wants the honor of buying her dinner.  She then posts the received monetary gift, but instead of saying thank you she plays up her dominant role and demeans the paypigs further by laughing at them and calling them so easy.  They are then to retweet and thank her for allowing them the honor of paying for her food.

Skimming through some of these findom goddesses twitter accounts was voyeuristic entertainment on a whole new level.  These young women are generally quite beautiful and they know it.  They know that sex sells and they found a market for it without actually having to perform any acts which is the brilliant thing.  These girls flaunt their bodies harmlessly (assuming they don’t have any great dream of becoming famous someday and their future selves don’t plan on running into any of their #paypigs).  They receive gifts frequently and money for doing absolutely nothing.  They live a small scale charmed life.

The downfall, as I can see it, is that none of them live that well.  They may have their meals and drinks paid for and not have to work but each of them I’ve seen live in what looks like a teenage girl-sized room.  They have nice clothes and toys but are often seen in very low level vehicles and their grand view of the world is most likely very small.

That isn’t to say all of them are like that.  I have seen reports of some being paid large sums of money and others being gifted nice trucks and trips but they are the top level goddesses that the others strive to be.  More the exception than the rule.  But the life does seem appealing, especially to a young woman who wants to take advantage of her youth while she can.  Don’t want to work a shitty job and do whatever you want all day while men praise you and send you pretty things?  That sounds awesome.

What about the men?  What in the bloody hell do they get out of all of this?  Everything.  I myself can admit to being turned on by some of what these girls were saying although it was far and few between.  I have more a selective taste to me rather than being lumped in with a bunch of other men sending money for a few harsh words.  I want personal time.  I want to feel like I’m paying for something special.

These men don’t care and I can kind of see why.  A few of the girls actually posted pictures of the men they were dealing with and they are not the cream of the crop.  They are mostly around middle age and they are mostly unattractive.  Some are married and some are single.  Most are sad men looking for something they can’t find without paying for it, and who is to blame them?  Its a kink and you can’t explain why you enjoy a kink, you just do.  I don’t know why the idea of a black man impregnating my wife is so fucking hot, it just is.  I don’t know why the thought of having a woman force my mouth on another man’s cock while she jerks me off and calls me a faggot is hot, it just is.  You can’t explain sexuality.

While I was perusing twitter today, at work (lol), I came across a lot of different entertainment.  There were sweet girls into the escort business that were gorgeous and I would pay oodles of money if I had it just to be able to spend time with them.  There were unattractive girls trying to do the same.  There were phone sex girls and porn stars.  There were the goddesses and then just random young girls being nice and sweet and having guys buy them things.  Each of these girls are not all of what they are putting out but selling something.  Some of the goddesses are not as mean-spirited but instead playing to the fantasy these men want.  If that’s something that works for them then more power to them.

One of the sexiest things I read today was a goddess tweeting something along the lines of “I’ll fuck you financially better than your wife will fuck you physically.”  There is something about the idea of involving my wife somehow that really gets to me.  Typically its other men fucking her but that really gave me a shiver.  I wanted to pay one of these girls to talk dirty to me.  To tell me how pissed my wife is going to be when she finds out.  How she’s going to divorce me because the goddess is going to tell her what I’ve been doing and then I’ll have more money to give to my goddess.  I want her to say this but I want her to tell me to jerk off but not cum.  I want it to be torture.  I want her to tell me to fucking stop at any moment and then insult my cock and tell me how pathetic it is.  It would be ideal to have physical contact and the idea of hiring an escort for this to take place in real is exciting.

Findom is awesome.  Its a great kink to throw into the bucket of kinks.  I’d love to play along but not to the extreme as some of them take it.  I want some personal service and I don’t have any desire to have my bank account drained, that would not turn me on in the least.  But if I had the money I’d love to spend it on pretty girls to make them happy, perhaps a few favors in return if they see fit.  Buy a cute bra and panty pair and get a pic of what it looks like on them and a few poses.  Buy a sexy dress or some yoga pants and have them model it for me.  If they’re willing to then give a little more and get to remove the dress and have a little fun playing.  We each give and we each take mutually and respectfully depending on the terms we lay out.  Everybody wins.



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