I recently decided to fire this blog back up with the intention of having an alternate side of view to my normal one.  I’m trying to develop my writing skills but at the same time don’t want to scare away any normals with explicit talk and references so I figured it best to have an alternate means of expression, hence this little piece of heaven.

This is where I go full kink.  This is where my more provocative side comes out to play and I don’t have a filter.  This is where I feel comfortable telling an audience that I have a foot fetish and fantasize about being brought to orgasm by a sexy woman’s feet and then further by saying how I’d love to be told to lick them clean after making them a mess.  Here I don’t have to worry about what someone might think after reading that at the same time I’m trying to promote my writing.  I can just say it and attract the type of people who would enjoy hearing it or not think it bizarre or perverted.

So in getting back into this I decided to fire up the other means of social media that I’ve neglected recently.  My Tumblr account has become a dazzling array of sexual kinks and turn ons that I’ve reblogged with little original content.  I simply scoured the internet tumblr content for whatever peaked my interested that day; cuckold, forcedfemme, sissification, amazing asses, blondes, yoga pants and anything else I found along the way.  Now I’ve got some writing to go along with it.  Nothing much as I just started a week ago and this is my second post.  I’d like to get to two posts a week and maybe work my way up to three.  Some erotic writing to go along with the reblogs to keep people interested.  I’m not exactly able to have any original images but I can share some of my favorite I find from around the web not quite on tumblr yet.

Then theres Twitter.  Oh sweet, lovely, amazing twitter.  I love twitter.  I love the access it gives to people I would never have even known existed.  I can comment on something they said or a picture they posted and have them say something back or “like” what I said.  Its incredible.  Its expanded an entire form of communication beyond anything before.  In the past it was merely a website where you can maybe send an email but most likely never get a response.  Now you can have a good chance to know they actually read what you posted.  Which is now where its brought me to the point of the post…escorts.

I love women.  I love them so much I can’t help it sometimes.  I respect them for their beauty and everything they have to go through in the world.  I love to admire their beauty so I thought I would look around on twitter to see if there are any gorgeous women I could admire that live locally.  That lead me to find a lovely escort’s account @MsManda who is based in Halifax and I fell in lust with her.  I think its mainly because she reminds me of someone I used to know that I was crazy about.  I wasn’t in love with her, but for a brief time we had such an amazing chemistry that it could melt steel.  Ms Manda has the same body, the same hair color, the same lips and smile.  She presents the same fun and frisky attitude with intelligence that make her seem too good to be true.  I followed her instantly and waited for the right moment to send her a message.

In the mean time I looked through her website and went on a search for other escorts in the area.  There were a couple that were interesting and I followed them.  From there my “suggested” started flooding with sexually free courtesan’s, escorts, cam girls, etc.  I looked through them and followed the special ones. The girls who had the right mix of beauty, sexy and personality.  Now I’m at about 38 following, most of them girls in the sex business and I’m enjoying following their tweets.  The pictures of exotic places they are being whisked away to, happy that they are able to use their gifts for what they choose instead of what other people say they are allowed.  Wishing I had the money to show a little love now and then but happy that its not strictly a pay to see type of thing.

The first place I noticed you could find escorts was on craigslist.  The Halifax craigslist personals is a cesspool of oddities but when you’re looking for a little bit of male on male fun on the down low you don’t have a lot of options.  I would peruse the rants and raves section just to see what bizarre things people were saying, most of the posts were about rating the escorts, calling out the escorts or the escorts themselves promoting themselves.  Most were fake and/or lying about themselves because there was no way the girl in the pictures were them.  It was confirmed when they would refuse to give you proof by simply holding a picture of the current date while fully clothed.  I always thought “Wow, if this is what a prostitute is like I am very glad I never even thought about seeking one out.”

Then I found these escorts on Twitter.  The high end companions.  The girls offering the girlfriend experience.  Courtesan’s as they call themselves sometimes.  Intelligent, fun, flirty company at a high price.  Often worth it for men who lack the personality or model like looks it takes to get these women’s attention in other aspects of life.  It works especially well for someone like me who doesn’t need the woman’s full attention.  I don’t need to have a commitment to them where we would be married and devoted to each other.  I wouldn’t care if she fucked other guys and she wouldn’t care what I did with my time.  But the time together, if it was good, would be enough for me whenever it happened.  Whenever I needed a certain personality I’d ask her when she was free and take her out and enjoy her beauty and her company.  We’d enjoy a great day, night, weekend together and then we’d go our separate ways.  If we didn’t click I wouldn’t feel the need to find her again.  The illusion would be gone and I wouldn’t feel enamored with her enough to pursue her.

Some might say that’s sad that you have to pay a woman to be with you.  I disagree.  It isn’t sad, its those peoples means of competing.  Attractive men were lucky to be born attractive.  Men with amazing personalities were born with them.  The only way someone who isn’t amazing looking or obscenely charming can compete for a girl like that is paying her for the chance to knock her socks off.  Girls like that know their worth and just because someone is attractive or charming or has money they aren’t going to give themselves over.  Once you have that  chance you have to take advantage of it.  If you don’t click them its over, no harm no foul.  If you do then its an amazing experience with a woman who is at the highest end of perfection.  Sounds like a no brainer.







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