So I’ve been hungry for cock lately.  Very much so.  I’ve been looking around on Craigslist m4m section for anyone local but most don’t reply or don’t work out for whatever reason (too pushy, too flakey, too careless).  I’ve posted an ad and its not really garnering much attention, most likely due to the lack of population where I’m at.  So I remain hungry and one of the few people to write me that wasn’t a weirdo or a flake messaged me today and said “whats up?”  We know what that means.

Its funny thinking of sex this way.  I know thinking of it as “now I’m the girl” isn’t the right mindset because its not like that.  I’m the slut/whore is more accurate.  I’m the one getting the booty call and being asked “you up?”  I don’t know if its the novelty of it or what but I kind of fucking love it.  I love being the piece of meat that a big strong man wants to unload his cum into.  I love the idea of him sitting there with a rock hard cock, rubbing himself and then emailing me to be the one who gets it.  That makes me so fucking hard on my own that I’m the one who he wants.

So I get his email, “whats going on,” he asks.

“Nothing much, you?”  I respond.

“Fuck all,” he says back.  I think this is a good time to bait him into talking a little dirtier.  Let him come loose on what he really wants.

I read back in our email to remember his stats, hoping he had a cock worth putting the effort in for.  All but one of the previous cocks I’ve had were average to below.  One of the cocks I had was massive and I had trouble taking care of it and never quite being able to wrangle the beast.  I still feel a bit of loss from that.  I wanted another chance but it never came.  This current guy, he says his cock is 8 inches.  That’s plenty to get excited about and I’m all over it.

“An 8 inch, thick cut cock like yours shouldn’t be left unsatisfied,” and I leave the bait out for him to take.  And sure enough he did.

“Well then, let’s do something about it,” he writes back.

From here we go back and forth trying to set something up.  I’m looking to get a little more out of him to push me over the edge.  I enjoy being turned on more than the actual act of cumming.  I love the teasing.  I love the suspense and the build.  I love to cum too but its a waste of effort it I cum within a couple of minutes.  I want to draw it out as long as possible and I was trying to get him to engage in a little foreplay with me.  He didn’t really participate but gave me enough to jump in with both feet and say yes.

We figure out a place to meet and I go.  The entire 15 minute drive I’m grabbing on my cock and rubbing it up and down against my thigh.  I’m incredibly turned on but nervous.  I’m always nervous meeting someone for the first time.  Its a bit scary putting yourself out there like that.  There are so many possibilities.  They could be dangerous in many different ways; are just trying to hurt you, are trying to steal from you, are trying to blackmail you, are just fucking with you but setting you up for something.  I like to meet in my car first so if something looks fishy I can just drive away.  I’m still nervous though.

I’ve told him what I’m driving and he told me he’s walking.  I drive around the corner of where we are meeting and I pull into the parking lot and I lose my erection immediately.  There are three other cars in the parking lot.  The place we decided to meet is a community center near a park.  He suggested it and we could meet around back and get to know each other before we set anything big up.  I pull to the far side of the parking lot and look around for him and send him an email saying “I’m here but there are cars in the parking lot.”  Then I see a man walk around the corner of the building and look towards me.  I look back and give a little wave and he nods and motions for me to follow.  I point at the other cars and give a “wtf” kind of shrug so he comes over.

That was it.  He came over to see what was up and I was worried about the cars.  He said generally there is nobody here.  I was about to get out of the car to go around back with him, he said there are no windows in the back and they are just inside.  I was nervous but still wanted to show him I was serious when another car pulled into the parking lot and I lose my nerve.  He says he understands and we’ll set something up another time and takes off.  The car that just pulled in promptly does a U-turn and pulls out of the parking lot in the direction they were coming from.  Great.

So now I’m left here wishing my mouth was around a nice fat cock but left with nothing.  We email each other, Robert I assume his name is as that’s what it was on his emails.  We say we’ll have to set something else up and he seems a bit more into it.  I think me actually showing up was a good sign for him.  I’m hoping we can get together again.  He asked if I liked what I saw.  I did.  I wasn’t ga-ga over him like I am with women but he wasn’t old and decrepit.  He wasn’t gross and shaggy.  He was a good amount of everything and if he’s swinging an 8 inch bat I’m going to be very happy when I’m on my knees servicing him.


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