Escorts and commitment

I’ve been feeding my escort fetish lately.  I’ve been playing around on twitter and tweeting at a few.  Just getting a response back from someone so incredibly gorgeous is a big high.  Its like the cute girl in high school waving back to you across the lunchroom when she catches you staring at her.  Its stupid but so am I.  I really don’t care either way.  Its got me thinking though about them and relationships.  I imagine its hard for a girl like that to keep a relationship.  For one she needs to always be on.  If she wants to maximize her popularity she needs to constantly be promoting herself.  Thankfully social media makes that really easy to do as she can go along with her average day and keep tweeting or instagramming and let people know what shes up to and catch her cute little quirks and fall in “love” with her.  Having a boyfriend in all that would kind of hurt the flow as a lot of guys want to think of her as “theirs.”  Then there is the thing with guys being jealous.  They think of women as property and might start off with being okay of their lifestyle but eventually grow tired of every other guy “having a piece” as they think.  So, I’m curious, what do escorts and the like think of their guy and others when they are together?

I’m not trying to stir shit up and say “well if you aren’t cool with it why should they be?”  I’m genuinely curious.  Me personally?  I don’t mind at all.  If anything I think an escort would be, in some ways, my ideal type of girl.  I love the thought of being with someone so interesting and gorgeous other men would pay to have her company.  I’d love to hear all of the kinky things the various men wanted her to do to them or have them do to her.  I want to hear about the big cocks and the ripped abs.  I want to hear about her being spoiled in every way she can think of.  And I even understand a lot of the time it isn’t all big cocks and ripped abs but more average or less people who, as I mentioned before, use their money to the best of their ability.

I would think that escorts are like any other girls.  I would think they would want a normal relationship where there is mutual respect and an agreed upon boundary.  Most would have it strictly faithful to each other while some would be okay with open relationships as long as they are true to each other on the aspects the decide.  Where I think it would veer off a bit from a non-escort woman (is there a name for these?  Girls who live a “normal” life?  There should be) is that I’m sure there is a stigma attached to escorts that “well you work in that field then you get whats coming to you.”  I disagree completely.

Just because a girl chooses to use her body to her advantage doesn’t mean she should be given less consideration in her social and romantic life.  If she wants to reach out and have someone there for her at home then she should be allowed.  If she wants to have someone that she can let her guard down to and not feel like she has to always be sexy and interesting with.  Someone she can just lay her head on their chest and sit in silence because she isn’t being paid.  Because she works as an escort doesn’t mean she deserves it if her boyfriend cheats on her.  She doesn’t deserve it if he breaks up with her and airs some of her dirty laundry.  He is still an asshole in this instance.  He’s still a prick and she did nothing wrong other than try and use what she was born with and maintained to better herself.

Being an escort is hard I’m sure.  I know nothing about it.  I’ve never met one, I’ve never been to one and I’m not sure I’ll ever know one on a personal level.  I’m just being a pathetic guy sitting on his laptop oogling pretty girls and trying to get them to talk to him.  Go on and laugh at me.  Tell me how pathetic I am.  I just know that I have a respect for women that a lot of people don’t seem to have.  I can see what they go through on a daily basis.  They aren’t only attacked by men but by other women too and I’m sure that hurts deeply in a much different way.  An escort can’t have an off day or night when someone is paying them good money to be on the entire time.  An escort is like an athlete in the need to keep their body in peak condition.  An escort has to be interesting and beautiful and good at anything else they are asked to do.  An escort isn’t merely fucking people for money, that’s easy.  Being an escort is hard and I have respect for them in that matter.








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