Why do you “like” stuff?

I made a post a couple of hours ago about a part reality part fantasy story about two men engaging in sexual acts and I instantly received a like from someone.  My first reaction?  Yay, someone liked my writing.  Upon further investigation the reaction was subdued significantly although I am still holding out hope that I am wrong.  I visited the blog of the person who liked my homosexual erotica story and his blog is mathematics based.  I skimmed through his article titles and took a look at his about me page and nothing indicated that this was a blog of interests or daily life but mainly math and the like.  So why did he like my post?Well I know why.  I’m not an idiot.  I am just curious why someone would want to do that.  I get why they do it but to me it cheapens your taste.  If I find someone randomly liking posts simply to get people to like them back I will not like them back.  I will not follow them unless their writing interests me.  I don’t like every post a person I follow writes either.

I’m not one for the term integrity or morals.  They are thrown around too much and too dependent on someone else’s view of them.  I am more into the idea of being true to you and who you are.  Like something because you actually like it, not because you think it will get you more likes in return.  Don’t follow someone so they will follow you back, follow them because you enjoy their writing and their blog.  Follow them because they interest you.  It does you good in providing entertainment.  It does them good in knowing someone genuinely appreciates what they are doing.  Otherwise its just all bullshit and might as well have everyone instantly like everyone else’s posts on wordpress and as soon as you create a blog you are automatically followed by and following every other blog, because that’s what this is basically doing.

Everyone who likes my blog I like to investigate to see if I should like theirs back.  I have done this in the past and I will do it in the future.  But from now on whenever I get someone who is aimlessly clicking “like” on the newest posts I will post something similar to the following on their blog:

Thanks for the like although I’m curious if you just were liking random posts or actually read it because my blog has little to nothing to do with anything you’ve mentioned in yours. That isn’t to say you couldn’t still like it. You may be a gay or bisexual man that enjoys a little naughty read. You may appreciate what was written in another way. Or you may have something altogether different that I can’t comprehend. I’m just curious as to what made you find me and what moved you to hit “like.”
I mean, a like is a like and great and everything but its a bit disingenuous to indicate that you like something if you don’t, in fact, like it.

I don’t mind if you like my post.  I don’t care if you do either.  I want someone who actually likes what I say to like it.  If you don’t then don’t.  Move along.  If you like my post and its about sucking a big fat cock and having cum all over my face do you really want that attached to your blog about crocheting or how to be a better you?  Unless being a better you involves cum all over your face.



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