As you may have noticed if you’ve read my blog I’ve got a bit of an eclectic taste when it comes to sex.  I don’t ever like defining myself as something but if you had to put me on a team I’d be on the bisexual team.  I love women and would never give them up for anything (unless we’re playing a game of “your my bitch” in which I’m the bitch) but I also have an affinity for cock.  This particular team I’m on really plays well with my latest all consuming interest of the past year or three, being a cuckold.I never used to know what being a cuckold was.  I had no idea there was even a word for it even when I was fantasizing about it.  The first term I heard it was Steve Carrell saying it in “Crazy, Stupid Love,” and I had no idea what it meant.  Then I looked it up and it turns out I was kind of being cuckolded at the time.  Or well it may have been more hot-wifing than cuckolding but there was a bit of cuckolding in there as well.

At the time my wife was casually fucking someone she worked with.  Very similar to the story I was writing towards the start of this blog.  It wasn’t exactly how it happened but it was the inspiration for it.  She was fucking him and I loved it.  She has been doing it for months before she told me but when she did I was so incredibly turned on I wanted her to keep doing it, hence the hot-wife aspect.  It was something she wanted to do and I encouraged it.  The cuckold aspect was light and never exactly how I wanted it to be, which in a way made it more like being a cuckold when I thought about it.

I wanted her to fuck him and come home to tell me about it.  I wanted her to call me when she had invited him to our house and put the phone down so I could listen to him call her his personal slut.  I wanted to jerk off while he pressed his face between her legs and made her cum more intensely than she had ever cum in her entire life while they laid in our bed.  Then I wanted to lay next to her and have her tell me all about it.  I wanted her to say how much better at everything he was than me.  How he could make her pussy squirt and her body shake so hard it was sore for hours later.  I wanted her to jerk me off and tell me I’m not allowed to cum inside of her because my cock is too pathetic.  I wanted all of this and more but she wouldn’t.  She’s too shy.  She won’t do any of it for me which leaves me conflicted in that it, in essence, was being a cuckold as she has all the power and is denying me what I want.  At the same time she isn’t doing it in a kinky sexual way but just in a refusing to participate way.

So she was hot-wifing and I was being cuckolded.  It was good but not great.  But that’s better than nothing, right?  I figure I can always try and chip away at her self conscious nature and push her further and further to open her up.  I’ve gotten her, when drunk, to be a very controlling dominate woman, something she would never do when sober.  She was everything I wanted.  She ordered me around in a demanding tone.  She had me get on my knees and tongue fuck her asshole to show who was in charge.  She made me lick her pussy until she deemed it was appropriately wet.  She barked orders at me if I was doing anything even remotely wrong.  Too slow.  Too fast.  Too rough.  Too soft.  She withheld my orgasm multiple times telling me to stop fucking her and that I better not cum.  She had me bring her to orgasm and then left me as hard as I had ever been and told me to finish myself either by jerking off or humping her bare ass from behind like a dog.  I chose the latter and came all over her ass cheeks and was then told to clean it up.

It was incredible.  The hottest sex we had ever had together.  I gave her complete control and she could have made me do anything.  I would have licked my cum from her pussy at that moment and told her I was a fucking faggot that sucked cock if she asked.  I wanted her to degrade and humiliate me.  I wanted her to take a picture of my face buried in her cunt and post it anywhere she pleased.  I wanted her to video tape me telling her I sucked cock and I loved it and used it to make me her slave.  I wanted to submit to her in every way possible.  She was incredible.

Now I need to keep pushing and letting her experience it and enjoy it enough to go for it more often.  She doesn’t know everything about me.  She doesn’t know that I love cock.  I mentioned recently while fucking that I wanted to lick her pussy while another cock was in her and she did not enjoy it.  I want to get her to enjoy it.  I want her to go find other men and have her want them.  I want to be a true cuckold that she invites them over and takes them into our bedroom while I wait outside and am told that I better not cum.  I want to be made to clean him up before he leaves then clean her up before she goes to sleep.

I’m rambling now through all of my different wants and desires.  Hard to catch yourself when you’re playing with your fantasies.  I was just sitting here bored at work and wanted to write something and the romantic side of me didn’t feel like coming out to play.  The dirty, dark, twisted, dastardly side of me was waving its hands and it felt more appropriate.  I am a cuckold.  I might not be in a full cuckold relationship but at heart I am a cuckold.  I want a goddess that will appreciate what a submissive little toy she would have in me and take full advantage of it.  I want to experience it to the fullest.


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