Messy girls

Where we find them

 When a guy is young he’s introduced to the world of women by only what he knows which is typically TV, movies, magazines, etc.  Pop culture.  Made up beauties that aren’t real but are flawlessly highlighted and coated over to make them seem immaculate.  He then moves to porn, typically, where to doesn’t really get any better.  Most of the time its worse.  The girls are enhanced in nearly every department.  Their acting is terrible and every little tweak and feeling seems like someone is pressing the easy button.  It only sustains you for so long before you are desensitized.  Then the natural evolution is to the internet.  Now the internet is not perfect but it provides a plethora of options for those looking to escape the same “perfect” girls.

This is where we find the every day girls.  The normal girls.  The amateur girls.  Now they are hardly normal and every day.  Most of them are insanely gorgeous.  Most of them are sexy and jaw dropping as any other woman you find in any kind of movie or porn or magazine.  They just haven’t had the opportunity to make it anywhere or the drive to do it.  But they are incredibly sexy.  They make a man groan just at the sight of them.  The groan may be thought of as lewd but its merely a dedication to the beauty and sexuality of a girl so inspiring clear words cannot be formed.

Finding these girls is like opening a Christmas present.  Its exciting when its something you didn’t expect.  I’m not saying they are like objects to own, just appreciation of the wonderment.  The amateur girls feel so real too.  Some may not be but a lot are.  They are genuine.  Some may be vapid bags of air with nothing to offer but beauty.  Others are hilarious and personable and more than just a pretty face.  The empirical evidence is all that’s needed to appreciate them.  Upon discovering them though I also discovered an odd accompaniment to these gorgeous women; they are absolute slobs.

 Why are so many young hot girls such slobs?

Its generally believed, at least by me, that women are much more tidy then men.  I’ve always thought this to be with no real reason why.



Maybe it was society.  Maybe it was my own experience but something inside of me always believed this to be true so it was quite odd to see these gorgeous girls and their scantily clad selves yet behind them see a pile of clothes and food containers.  Laundry all over the floor and cluttered books and junk of various likings.  Its as if they wore their clothes until they couldn’t see the floor and then threw it all away in a garbage bag and bought new clothes.







And that’s just the girls in the bedroom.  The girls who take selfies in the bathroom are a whole different creation.  I don’t understand how they wash their hands or face.  How do they brush their teeth?  In what possible universe can they even decide what kind of make up they want to use with all of that clutter?  I’d go insane if I walked into that bathroom.  It would help if there was a beautiful young girl like the one in the picture but my goodness.  She would have to really do something marvelous to keep my dumbfounded expression from becoming permanent.zzzz2



And maybe that’s it.  Well no, there is no maybe about it.  That’s exactly it.  They don’t have to be neat and tidy.  They don’t have to keep their place clean and put their clothes away.  They can do whatever they want because they’re beautiful.

I’m not saying they can be horrible people and not care about anyone but themselves because anyone will get tired of that.  But nobody is looking at the empty drink with lipstick on the rip next to the couch on the floor.  Nobody cares that three days worth of clothes are piled up against the wall and she has books falling off one and other under a desk rather than sitting neatly atop each other on top of it.  They aren’t there to judge her tidiness but instead to ogle her beautiful body.  The messy clothes mean they are no longer on her body.  The lip stick means she’s done drinking and ready to entertain.

I love the messy girls.  I love the tidy girls.  I love them all.  It doesn’t matter to me even though I make fun of them.  I’d be there in a heart beat picking up their panties and their bras and their sexy skirts and leggings if they wanted, just to be around them.  Again that might seem pathetic to some but to be in the company of such beauty is enough for me to be their maid.  To be able to look at a girl with such a perfect ass and incredible eyes and a sweet voice gives her a few extra get out of jail free cards.  She can’t treat me like shit, unless I want her to in a specific scenario, but she’s allowed to be a messy slob if she wants and I won’t think ill of her.


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