Scattered mind into the depths

**EDIT:  After writing this I’ve decided to pre-warn that this is merely just jerk-off fodder.  Proceed at your own risk.  🙂

I’m all over the place right now and I can’t quite place my thoughts.  The only thing I do know is that I’m really fucking in need of some pussy.  I don’t even care what I would be doing with it.  I could kiss it, lick it, fuck it.  I could be smothered by it.  I could be teased by it.  I could go for all kinds of dark taboo fantasies.  Anything, just give me a hot girl and a lovely pussy and let her loose on me.

I can’t stop grabbing my cock through my pants while sitting here at work.  I’m fucking hard and I need a pussy.  I think I’d more like a pussy to tease me in an incredibly horrible way.  I want a girl to handcuff me and restrain me so I can’t move and then strip me.  She could give my cock a few slaps to get it hard and then a few more to make me squirm.  Then she could make me moan and declare how I’m her bitch as she strips for me.

I’ve never been caged so I don’t know the feeling but I think I’d like it.  I think that would be an amazing feeling to be tortured that much to have my cock caged.  Tormented by having her pussy so close but not being able to feel the incredible sensation of her sweet inside.

Fuck I want to cum in my pants right now.

I need a girl to control my edging.  For her to be here right now to tell me to jerk off hard at my desk.  Bring myself to cum but threaten me not to.  Id love to give myself to her completely.  Tell her every bit of private details about my life that could fuck me with me so bad.  Tell her my phone number and my wife’s name.  Tell her where we both work and our schedules.  Then tell her I want to be her edging slave.

I want her to control my orgasms.

I want her to own my cock.

I want her to tell me when I’m allowed to touch it in every way imaginable.  When I go to the bathroom I want her to tell me I’m not allowed to hold it.  I have to pull my boxers down under my balls and piss then give it a shake and pull my boxers over it again.

When showering I have to scrub around it and above it and let the soap and water soak down over my cock and balls because they belong to her and I’m not allowed to touch them unless she says so.

I want her to hold my orgasm.  I want them to belong to her and she allows me to have them when she deems fit.  I want her to torment me with the possibility of them.  I want them to be increasingly more infrequent.

I want her to tease me and torture me and make me tell her awful things.  I want her to make me cum while I’m told to say humiliating things.

“Im such a faggot.”

“I hate pussy.”

“My cock belongs to you.”

“I want to lick my cum from the floor.”

“My cock is tiny and pathetic.”

One of those or all of those repeated again and again.  Have her whisper things in my ear as she jerks me off.

“You’re nothing.”

“You’re pathetic.”

“Your dick is so fucking small.”

“No woman wants your cock.”

“Your wife fucks other men because you can’t make her cum.”

She’ll say these until I cum and then squeeze my cock as it jerks and sputters and I cry out in pleasure mixed with pain.  She’ll ruin my orgasm and then tell me that its the last orgasm I’m going to have for a year.  She’ll look me in the eyes and smile and tell me in a sweet voice that she owns my tiny little dick and my shriveled little balls.  She’ll pull at my pubic hairs and make me flinch and I’ll look at her pretty smiling face.  She’ll cage my cock then and put the key around her neck.

Of course the cage could only be a fantasy because my wife will wonder what the fuck is going on.  But still, I would love to try it in real without the cage.  I would love for her to tell me that’s my last orgasm.  I would love for her to tell me I’m not allowed to touch my own cock or she will call my wife and tell her what I’m doing.

I want her to record me on video and audio.  I want her to write a script for me admitting all the details of what we’ve done.  I want her to video tape me licking her pussy.  I want her to get me on camera telling her how I like cuckold porn and sissy porn.  How I want to be a caged sissy but I’m too scared to tell anyone but my edging queen.

She would get me to do these videos and audios when she had me in the height of arousal.  When I’d do anything for her.  She could make me say anything because I was on the cliff looking off.  She had me on the brink and she used me for everything I was worth and humiliated me and did anything she wanted with me.  Then she would use these videos against me.  She would play them for me and smile with her legs spread telling me to lick her pussy while I listened to my pathetic voice.  She would laugh and kick her feet at my balls and make me cringe as she toyed with me.  She would tell me the most important things I can do are:

  • Don’t cum, ever, unless she specifically says “now you can cum.”
  • Don’t touch my cock or balls, ever, unless she specifically says I can.
  • Do and say whatever she says without hesitation

She would own me.  I would love it and hate it.  It would be perfect.  She would restrain my hands and expose my cock and run her ass and pussy up along my shaft.  It would twitch and bounce and I’d beg her to stop and she wouldn’t because she knows I don’t want her to.  She would jerk me off fast and tell me that I better not cum.  I’d plead with her.

“Stop.  Please stop.  I’m going to cum.  Please please stop I’m going to cum please stop!”

She would condition me into not wanting to cum.  She would take me to the wall and then make me beg her to not go over it.  She would do this to me a lot at the beginning then slowly make it more infrequent that she would even touch my cock.  Her hands, feet, tongue, ass, pussy being the only person that touches my cock for an entire year.  Her telling me my new birthday that she will recognize is the last day I’ve had an orgasm.  She’ll make it a special day for me where she’ll edging me relentlessly all day at a moments notice and bring me to the edge again then stop.  Over and over again.  Hour after hour until the evening when she tells me I can finally cum.

The hesitation felt as I look in her beautiful eyes as if its a joke.  She tells me to go ahead and cum.  To touch my cock.  To grab my balls.  To jerk off and cum.  Its my birthday present from her to me, allowing me to have my cock for a few moments of shuddering pleasure.  I don’t know what I would do.  Would I want to?  The feeling of her hands on my cock now are so natural.  To actually grab it now wouldn’t feel right.  I’d ask her to.  She’d laugh.

“You mean you don’t want to touch your cock?”

And she would take it in her hand and slowly, delicately, sensuously start stroking it up and down as she looked in my eyes.

“You don’t want to feel what your hard cock is like in your hands after an entire year?  How full your balls are having not cum in 365 days?  Why not?”

She doesn’t wait for me to reply as she picks up the pace of her stroking and my eyes roll back in my head.

“You don’t want to jerk off?  Every guy wants to jerk off.  Its what guys live for.  Are you a guy?  Are you?  Are you not a guy anymore?”

I start to shake my head no.

“I can’t hear you, dickless.”

The words stumble out of my mouth.

“No Miss.  I’m not a guy.  I’m not a man.  That’s not my cock.”

My eyes are shut tight.  I’m shaking my head back and forth as I tell her that the cock she is touching isn’t mine and that I’m no man just a pathetic dickless slave.

She speaks up, “Then maybe I should stop stroking this pathetic little dick then huh?  If its not yours I shouldn’t even give a shit anymore.”

I whimper and moan as she pumps harder.

“This fucking cock shouldn’t ever get to cum again then maybe?

…to be continued


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