Yes, I’m a bit twisted

Continued from here.

She continues pumping my cock and I’m squirming and clenching my thighs together.  I’m making whimpering sounds and her hand is angrily moving up and down.

“No Miss.  It shouldn’t get to cum.  Its close though.  Please stop.  I don’t want it to cum.”

She smirks as she’s trained me to refer to it as something else.  That I never say that I’m going to cum because its not mine.

“You’re right,” she sneers, “This isn’t your cock.  This cock belongs to me.  And you don’t get to tell me when its allowed to cum and when it isn’t.  What if I want it to cum?”

Her hand slows down dramatically.  Her thumb rubs over the tip to watch my entire body convulse.

“What if I want to make it cum so I can tell your wife everything you’ve been doing.  So she can finally know why you haven’t fucked her in a year.  That you’re not an impotent little bitch, you’re just a sick fuck whose given his orgasms to someone else.  Would you like that?  Would you love looking her in the face as she watches the videos you made for her?  As she hears you say you only want cock for the rest of your life and pussy makes your cock soft.  That her pussy turns you off.  If you fucking cum right now that’s what’s going to happen.”

I clench my thighs together again.  I whimper.  I moan.  I shake my head no.  I do all of this but I can’t tell her no.  I can’t tell her to stop.  I’m not allowed.  She owns me.  I’ve given myself to her so completely that she knows everything about me.  She can ruin me in 20 seconds if she wanted to.  I am absolutely her slave and have to obey everything she says.

She crawls up next to me and lays alongside my body.  Her hand continually stroking my cock in a slow steady motion.

“Now, slave” she begins, “here is what we’re going to do.  We’re going to find you a nice big cock to suck.  Then we’re going to find you another one and another one after that.  You’re going to become a very proficient cock sucker.  You’re going to get so good that you can start charging money for your talents.  Your ass and mouth and hands are going to be very valuable.  You’re going to take all of that money and give it to me so I don’t send your wife the videos you made for her.  Got it?”

All I could do is nod.  Her hand continued to edge me further.  I could feel her increasing her stroking.

“Now tell me you’re gay.  Tell me you’re a faggot and how cock is the only thing that can make you happy.  Tell me how you want to cum by having another man stroke your cock while your ass and mouth are filled with thick meat.”

I nod again.  I moan.  I bite my lip before I start to pathetically whimper.  “I’m a pathetic little slave faggot for you Miss.  I want cock.  I need cock.  Please use me.  I want to be your personal cock whore for you to pimp out at your desire.”

As I continued she stopped stroking my cock.  She grabbed her phone and typed away for a few minutes.  My voice was strained and my words were repetitive.

When she was finished she grabbed my cock again and toyed with it.  Not quite stroking but definitely wanting to tease it and make me hard to the point of cumming.

“There we go,” she patted my cock.  “Now all we have to do is wait for the requests to come in.  I posted an ad with an audio clip of you begging to be a cock slave.  You’re going to love having cock multiple times a day every day.  Just wait.”

She slapped my balls and got up.  She got dressed and unlocked me then proceeded to leave the room.  Before she was out she stopped in the door way and looked back with a sweet smile and said “oh, and of course, no cumming.”


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