My wife just walked out of the bedroom naked.  I looked over and she walked from the bedroom to the bathroom, her tits bare to the air as she dashed the short few steps from doorway to doorway.  I love looking at her tits like that.  I love seeing her in any kind of nakedness.  I have a desire to go over and and rip the loose fitting sweatpants off of her and grab her pussy.  I’d drop to my knees and start licking her cunt.

But I couldn’t.  She wouldn’t let me.  I didn’t try but I thought about how amazing it would be to experience becoming a cuckold for the first time again in a near fantasy way.  To come home from work late at night and walk into the house.  The only light on in the bathroom at the top of the stairs.  As I trudge upwardly I see her dart from the bathroom to the bedroom this time.  She’s still completely naked though and I smile to myself as I slip into the kitchen and put my things away.

Turning towards the bedroom I see the door is closed and I think its odd but figure she must not have seen me as she ran back to bed. She always hated when I stared at her completely naked as she was self conscious of her body even though I thought she looked amazing.  I opened the door into the dark room but didn’t take a step forward.  The light from the bathroom behind me filtered into the room and I saw my naked wife with her left arm around another man’s waist and her hand between them gripping his cock.  His hands were on her ass in full grip and pulling her cheeks apart and I could hear her pleased moans and heavy breaths on his neck as he kissed her shoulder.

Neither of them made a move to stop.  Their actions went on as if I wasn’t there and I stood there the same, like I was merely watching a movie unfolding in front of me instead of being in shock that it was actually happening.

“Oh god,” she whispered audibly as his finger probed her.  Her knees buckled towards him and he reached down and lifted her back to her feet.  His lips made their way to her ear and he mumbled something that I couldn’t make out but she pulled back and gave him a smile, continuing to go on as if I wasn’t in the doorway staring at them.  She dropped to her knees in front of him and it was the first instance when I came to see that this was all real and I wasn’t dreaming.  I felt my cock bulge in my pants as I watched her submissively drop down in front of another man.  It was the first instinct to know that I was a cuckold and I would enjoy it before I even know what it was.

She took his cock in her hand.  He wasn’t even fully erect yet and he was already much bigger than me by at least a couple of inches.  He was thick too and her hand fit nicely around his shaft.  She started pumping him towards her and looking up at him with eyes fueled by lust.  She wasn’t even acting like my wife.  I had never known her to be this woman and yet I was watching her carry out these foreign actions and it made me more turned on than I had ever been in my life.

She had to crouch down and a hand on the floor to be mouth to cock with him.  He was about the same height as her and not nearly as blessed with height as I am but she didn’t seem to mind.  The girth of his cock dwarfed mine and that was all that seemed to matter to her.

The first time she gave me notice was right before she slide his cock into her mouth.  She took her free hand and gripped his hardness firmly before turning her head slightly at me and making eye contact.  She might have even winked, it was dark and hard to tell but she moved her mouth forward and let his cock disappear past her lips.  She took him as far as she could with no resistance and began rocking back and forth along his length.  She locked eyes with me and never took them away.  She was telling me with a look that she had another man’s cock in her mouth and she fucking loved it.

Her neck moved and rocked against him.  Her hand moved up from the floor and was holding his hip to balance herself.  She was using her other hand to continuously pump his cock into her mouth.

His voice finally joined the scene as he looked down at her, “oh fuck yeah baby.  Take that cock deep.  Show me how much you love sucking my cock.”

She instantly let out a whimpering groan.  It was the kind of sound she only ever made when she was on the verge of an orgasm and she was so close she didn’t care what happened at that moment.

His hands pushed her hair out of her face so he could look down at her as she had broken our stare and turned her eyes towards him.  I didn’t know what to do.  I was standing in my bedroom doorway watching my wife give another man a blowjob and I was speechless.  I couldn’t even move.

Almost as if he had sensed it the man with my wife stuck to his cock talked down to her, “come on baby, don’t let your husband just stand there like that.  What did we talk about?”

She made another whimpering sound but this was more of sadness and frustration.  She pulled away and turned her head towards me again.

“Take off your clothes.  We want to see how hard this is making you.”

I didn’t even know how to respond to that.  “I don’t even know whats going on.”

She repeated her first demand and added something extra, “I said, take off your clothes.  You’re going to stand there and stroke your cock while a real man pleases me.  You and your tiny dick hasn’t made me cum in months so you’re going to watch James here show you how its done.”

She paused for a moment before saying again, “now take off your fucking clothes.”

The barked order sounded angry and being confused and startled the only thing I could do was start doing as she said.  I pulled my shirt up over my head and then unbuttoned my pants and slipped them off.  I stopped for a moment to see them both staring at me waiting for me to finish so I slipped my boxer-briefs down my legs and stood naked in the doorway.  My cock had shrunk from nearly full erection to flaccid in the few moments it took to get undressed.

I could hear a slight chuckle in her throat.  “You see why I need you James?”

All he did was laugh.

She pumped his cock with her hand and dug her nails into his ass as she continued to look up at him.  He threw his head back and groaned towards the ceiling.

“Stroke that tiny little cock and get it hard as you watch him pleasure me.  But you better not cum.  If you cum  I’m going to make you lick it up and then I’m going to make you suck his cock and swallow his cum too.  Got it?”

I nodded and meekly grunted, “mmhmm.”

She got up off of her knees and pulls his face to hers and he kissed her.  He embraced her body to his and I watched their two tones of white come together.  His hands gripped her ass again and his cock was pressed into her thigh.  Her breasts were crushed between them and their lips were locked in a kiss as they started walking towards the bed.

When her calves hit the mattress she dropped her ass back onto the sheets.  He reached down and lifted her ankles up and bent down between her legs.  Her ankles positioned themselves behind his head and I saw his face disappear between her legs.  She moaned gloriously and arched her back and said his name loudly.

My cock was nearly erect again.  I had a slow steady pace as I watched her completely fold into him.  When I would lick her pussy she would slip her hands down to help her move along and rub her clit while I was simply there to keep her moist give that extra bit of feeling.  I was merely a masturbatory aide.  He was giving her every single thing she needed. She was able to lay back and enjoy his majesty with one hand pinching her nipple and the other on the back of his head gripping his short, curly hair.

She began panting.  Her chest was rising and falling as his head was working wonders and bringing her closer and closer to orgasm within only a few minutes.  I could hear her voice as she began moaning his name.  Every time I heard her say it I felt like I became closer and closer cumming.

My wife’s body was writhing at his every touch.  I could see her tensing up as her mouth dropped open and her hand gripped a fistful of his hair.  She began to shudder and let out a loud, pleasure-filled groan that was much louder than anything she had ever done when I was in bed with her.  Her body went nearly limp and her hand fell to her side almost as if she had fallen right asleep.  He stood up and moved up her body and kissed her lips with his pussy soaked mouth and she didn’t turn away in disgust.

He helped her scoot her body up the bed to her pillows and she laid sprawled out and naked on top of the blanket.  James took a last long leer at her then turned back to put his clothes on, leaving his briefs on the floor and simply throwing his shirt over his head and pulling his jeans up and buttoning them before carefully sliding the zipper up.

He looked up at me and gave a glance down at the underwear and then a quick wink again at me.  He walked towards me and stopped in front of me, not saying a word.  I turned to the side and he brushed past me.  My tiny dick still in my hand and he smirked and shook his head as he walked down the stairs.  I was dumbfounded at what had just occurred in front of me.

I didn’t know what to do next but I made my way over to my side of the bed and sat on the edge of it.  I was getting in position to lay down when my wife picked her head up lazily and in an almost drunk voice told me to stop.

“Did he leave his underwear?” she asked.

“Y-yeah,” I responded.

“Go put them on.  You’re wearing them until tomorrow night.  He’ll bring you a new pair to put on then.  You’ll throw these pair out and put on the pair he’s worn all day.  Only fitting that you have a real man bully you into wearing his used underwear.  Your tiny cock won’t even come close to filling them out.  It’ll be a reminder of how fucking small your dick is.  Now go put them on and don’t even think about touching your dick.  You don’t cum until one of us tells you you’re allowed.”

I move off of the bed and retrieve his underwear.  I gulp slightly and slip my legs into them and pull them up over my ass and the elastic hugs my waist firmly.  The briefs exposing more of my leg then I’m used to with my boxer briefs.  I was feeling awkward and embarrassed putting on another man’s underwear.  I didn’t even think about how he just made my wife cum though.  I slipped into bed with my wife and she seemed as if she was fast asleep.  I laid there for a very long time thinking about what just happened and what she said about tomorrow night.  I laid there running everything through my head over and over again and the entire time I felt my cock getting harder and harder at the possibilities.


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