Sex should be fun

Another Sunday, another post.

I came into today thinking about what I wanted to write about.  I started my day 4 hours ago with the intention of getting on here and writing some smut and jerking off to it then going along with my day but I couldn’t decide what I wanted to write about.  Not for lack of topics just lack of focus.

I couldn’t narrow in on an idea that I wanted to play with so I just trolled twitter, my alternative-alternative account (opposed to this just being my alternative account.  Yes, I have many layers), and found someone to jerk off with to the point of climax.  Then after a couple hours of distractions I made my way back here and was still blank on what I wanted to write about, then I figured why not write about something honest: Sex should be fun, not a chore.

Following the lovely ladies of #sexwork on twitter really helps me realize how much sex should be for fun and not mechanical duty-oriented tasks.  It shouldn’t be simply to keep your significant other, be it your wife or boyfriend or mistress or fuck buddy, satiated so they don’t feel like you’re losing interest.  It shouldn’t be a running counter on how many times you’ve done it in the past month, or two, or three so you can spring it upon the other person at an opportune time to make them feel bad.

Sex should be fun.

Sex with someone should get you as excited as Christmas morning and your birthday all in one.  It should bring feelings of immense joy and arousal you don’t often experience.  You should be able to exude happiness when you’re engaging in it.  Sex should be the highlight of highlights.  And if its not does that mean you’re with the wrong person?

I wouldn’t say yes but I also wouldn’t say no.  A relationship is more than just sex, obviously.  Sex is important because sex is more than intercourse.  Sex is the entire process of feeling attracted to the other person which culminates in intercourse and whatever other ideas you have for a fun time.  Being comfortable with each other and trusting each other lend themselves to sex but aren’t one in the same thing.  A relationship can exist without a deep sex life, its just much more difficult.

A relationship without sex doesn’t have much hope but it can survive.  Since sex doesn’t have to be intercourse between the two participants fun activities like cuckolding and being a hot wife can lend themselves a great help.  Both parties getting what they want, whichever side needs it and then come together afterwards and share the experience in something a tad less involved then intercourse but share the same kind of intimacy.

However, when sex becomes a chore its hard to say its going well.  If sex is being used against one or the other and its not an agreed upon dynamic then maybe you are with the wrong person.  Sex should be fun, not used as a weapon.

So no, this isn’t a fun post but its a bit cathartic.  Sex can be fun.  Staring at a nice thick cock just let out of a man’s boxers and not erect yet is fun.  The watering of my mouth and the feeling inside wanting to grab hold of it and feel it grow in my hands.  Or seeing a gorgeous girl with long legs and sexy lips and wanting to have the pleasure of undressing her piece by piece.  Exposing her delicious skin one article of clothing at a time.  All of that is fun and should be fun.  Its the act but its also the possibilities that can come from the acts.  Having that person share your ideas of sexy and act them out without you having to say a word.  That sexual connection is everything.

Sex should be fun.  Sex can be fun.  You just have to find the right person to do it with.


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