Cuckolding around the world

I was scrolling through twitter recently and an odd little post popped up talking about a strange Chinese symbol to indicate a man is a cuckold.  Apparently wearing a green hat tells other people that your wife is sleeping with other men.  Weird.  That got me curious about the symbols in other places, if there were any at all.

In the US we have somewhat cuckold symbols of a woman who has a key around her neck, indicating she has her husband locked in chastity, these women usually have their husband cuckolded as well.

A woman married to a white man but a spade tattoo or piece of jewelry typically indicates that she loves fucking black men.  The fact that she is married to a white man would mean she cheats on him with black men.

The Chinese “green hat” story comes from a couple of different pieces of history.  One I read had to do with an old proverb about a businessman, his wife and a tailor.  The tailor was sleeping with his businessman’s wife and she asked him to make a green hat for her husband.  She would then ask her husband to wear the hat whenever he left town to signal the tailor that he is leaving for a while.  The other relates back to one of the ancient Chinese dynasty’s (a couple different were mentioned) that said the emperor had all men who worked in the prostitution industry to wear a green had.  Later it became common for a man whose wife is sleeping with other men that she made him wear the green hat.

Thinking about male prostitutes being exposed like that in ancient China is kind of hot.  The idea of being a sex worker and having everyone know it and stare.  The accusing looks from people who think they are better than you and the knowing looks and offers from those who want a piece.  Plus for it to be a man instead of a woman makes it even hotter.  I love the idea.

The term “cuckold” refers to the cuckoo bird and how it would lay its eggs in other bird’s nest.  It has then appeared throughout history in different forms of art and literature.  Another term for cuckolding is “wearing the horns” as an animal symbol of a stag giving up its mate when it loses to another in a fight.  Due to this in European countries such as Italy the term cuckold is also accompanied by fingers being used as two horns.

I found another site in my brief research that had suggestions for cuckolds to get tattooed so other prospective bulls or mates for their wife would know its fine to flirt in front of them.  Most of them were a little too obvious for someone wanting to be discreet.  But it would be fun for some humiliation with a strong willed female.

I’m going to have to do some further research on this as I didn’t find many other cultural symbols across the world, just simply outright blatant ones here in the US.  Although it is fun to know that if I ever go to China I can proudly wear a nice green hat while with my wife.




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