I don’t really know what this is all about.  Obviously it mainly has to do with sex but what else?  I can’t really commit to one idea which is why I keep jumping from one story line to another although I’d like to continue one and finish it or at least make a lot of progress on it.

I’m a procrastinator but I like to write.  They don’t really go hand in hand.  Ah well, less see what I can do with this.


A little bit more…So this blog…its a bit all over the place isn’t it?  I kind of just write when the feeling hits me and go until I have to stop or I’ve run the thought to its conclusion.  As you can see there is very little linear thought from post to post.  Although I do hope you enjoy the jump.

Its practically all about sex in some form or another.

This is my secret blog.  My sexual hideaway.  Where I can come and put down my thoughts that I think but know will bother people if I say them because they are uncomfortable.

A lot of the time I write to turn myself on because very few can get to the point the way I like them to.  For whatever reason they either aren’t detailed enough or aren’t hitting the right points so when in doubt do it yourself.

I’m a mid 30’s married male.  My wife has an inkling of an idea of some of my ideas of sex but not nearly as much as I’m sure she thinks.

I’m submissive to the core.  With men there is no debate, I like to be controlled and at their bidding.  With women I can go both ways.  I just like to have fun and enjoy myself while others are receiving enjoyment.

I like to converse too so always feel free to say anything or contact me in anyway.

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