Is writing smut so bad?  If so, why?  Is it because people can’t handle the idea of someone’s dark and treacherous thoughts?  Is it that they are scared of their own devious side and they don’t like it being pointed out to them when others have the same thoughts?  Maybe merely its thought to be private and don’t think anyone else should be sharing it.  Why shouldn’t celebrate smut for what it is?  A sexual release.  Its no different than what you see on TV or hear in music.  Why does the written form get attacked so much?

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Expensive Indulgence – part 2

I didn’t know her name.  I had never met her before.  The only communication we’ve ever had were a few DMs through twitter and two separate, short phone calls to set everything up.  I only knew what her body was like and in my eyes it was perfect because she was imperfect.  She was incredibly sexy but she had a realness to her body that made everything more believable.  That’s what our fantasies are about; wanting them to be reality.  She didn’t have porn star breasts that were popping out of her bra.  Her ass was healthy and a nice handful.  I never got to see her face until I opened the door and she barged in.  She had the face of a girl who knew she was pretty and knew she could get guys attention with little to no effort.  She knew how to use make-up to enhance certain parts of her face and slut-ify other parts.  There wasn’t a single part of her I was disappointed with.

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Expensive indulgence

It’s late and I just checked in.  I love hotel rooms when you first check in.  They feel so new, as if nobody has slept in them before you.  The rooms are perfect from the bed to the bathroom.  I’ll usually set my suitcase in the corner and fall back on the bed and lay there for a minute when I get in the room but I don’t have a suitcase today.  I’m not going to be much more than 9 or 1oam tomorrow morning.  I may even leave tonight, depending on how things go when she shows up.

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As you may have noticed if you’ve read my blog I’ve got a bit of an eclectic taste when it comes to sex.  I don’t ever like defining myself as something but if you had to put me on a team I’d be on the bisexual team.  I love women and would never give them up for anything (unless we’re playing a game of “your my bitch” in which I’m the bitch) but I also have an affinity for cock.  This particular team I’m on really plays well with my latest all consuming interest of the past year or three, being a cuckold. Continue reading

Why do you “like” stuff?

I made a post a couple of hours ago about a part reality part fantasy story about two men engaging in sexual acts and I instantly received a like from someone.  My first reaction?  Yay, someone liked my writing.  Upon further investigation the reaction was subdued significantly although I am still holding out hope that I am wrong.  I visited the blog of the person who liked my homosexual erotica story and his blog is mathematics based.  I skimmed through his article titles and took a look at his about me page and nothing indicated that this was a blog of interests or daily life but mainly math and the like.  So why did he like my post? Continue reading

Escorts and commitment

I’ve been feeding my escort fetish lately.  I’ve been playing around on twitter and tweeting at a few.  Just getting a response back from someone so incredibly gorgeous is a big high.  Its like the cute girl in high school waving back to you across the lunchroom when she catches you staring at her.  Its stupid but so am I.  I really don’t care either way.  Its got me thinking though about them and relationships.  I imagine its hard for a girl like that to keep a relationship.  For one she needs to always be on.  If she wants to maximize her popularity she needs to constantly be promoting herself.  Thankfully social media makes that really easy to do as she can go along with her average day and keep tweeting or instagramming and let people know what shes up to and catch her cute little quirks and fall in “love” with her.  Having a boyfriend in all that would kind of hurt the flow as a lot of guys want to think of her as “theirs.”  Then there is the thing with guys being jealous.  They think of women as property and might start off with being okay of their lifestyle but eventually grow tired of every other guy “having a piece” as they think.  So, I’m curious, what do escorts and the like think of their guy and others when they are together? Continue reading


So I’ve been hungry for cock lately.  Very much so.  I’ve been looking around on Craigslist m4m section for anyone local but most don’t reply or don’t work out for whatever reason (too pushy, too flakey, too careless).  I’ve posted an ad and its not really garnering much attention, most likely due to the lack of population where I’m at.  So I remain hungry and one of the few people to write me that wasn’t a weirdo or a flake messaged me today and said “whats up?”  We know what that means. Continue reading


I recently decided to fire this blog back up with the intention of having an alternate side of view to my normal one.  I’m trying to develop my writing skills but at the same time don’t want to scare away any normals with explicit talk and references so I figured it best to have an alternate means of expression, hence this little piece of heaven. Continue reading