Expensive Indulgence – part 2

I didn’t know her name.  I had never met her before.  The only communication we’ve ever had were a few DMs through twitter and two separate, short phone calls to set everything up.  I only knew what her body was like and in my eyes it was perfect because she was imperfect.  She was incredibly sexy but she had a realness to her body that made everything more believable.  That’s what our fantasies are about; wanting them to be reality.  She didn’t have porn star breasts that were popping out of her bra.  Her ass was healthy and a nice handful.  I never got to see her face until I opened the door and she barged in.  She had the face of a girl who knew she was pretty and knew she could get guys attention with little to no effort.  She knew how to use make-up to enhance certain parts of her face and slut-ify other parts.  There wasn’t a single part of her I was disappointed with.

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I just discovered what findom was and…wow.


Findom/findomme is short for Financial Domination.  I don’t know if there is an official definition of it anywhere online but the gist that I can gather is that men pay women to berate, degrade, humiliate and insult them.  They pay for it.

There is something called a tribute that is to be given before the findom goddess will even talk to someone.  This tribute is to show you mean business.  I believe its something like $50-$100 dollars in a non-cancelable gift such as gift cards or direct deposits.  You show the goddess that you mean business and they will talk with you and feel you out.  If they think you aren’t a time waster you will receive their wrath.  Beyond that I’m not sure how it works but I am utterly fascinated by it. Continue reading