Messy girls


Where we find them

 When a guy is young he’s introduced to the world of women by only what he knows which is typically TV, movies, magazines, etc.  Pop culture.  Made up beauties that aren’t real but are flawlessly highlighted and coated over to make them seem immaculate.  He then moves to porn, typically, where to doesn’t really get any better.  Most of the time its worse.  The girls are enhanced in nearly every department.  Their acting is terrible and every little tweak and feeling seems like someone is pressing the easy button.  It only sustains you for so long before you are desensitized.  Then the natural evolution is to the internet.  Now the internet is not perfect but it provides a plethora of options for those looking to escape the same “perfect” girls.

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Why do you “like” stuff?

I made a post a couple of hours ago about a part reality part fantasy story about two men engaging in sexual acts and I instantly received a like from someone.  My first reaction?  Yay, someone liked my writing.  Upon further investigation the reaction was subdued significantly although I am still holding out hope that I am wrong.  I visited the blog of the person who liked my homosexual erotica story and his blog is mathematics based.  I skimmed through his article titles and took a look at his about me page and nothing indicated that this was a blog of interests or daily life but mainly math and the like.  So why did he like my post? Continue reading